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number drummer

Remember "The Karate Kid"?  Remember when Daniel LaRusso unknowingly learns karate as he paints the fence, sands the floor, and waxes cars?  Daniel’s teacher, Mr. Miyagi, uses indirect instruction while demonstrating the connection between skills and patterns in life.  In similar fashion, Number Drummer demonstrates the connection between math and music, and how when you learn a musical instrument you are also learning math.  Much like Daniel's "Wow!" moment when he realizes his painting, sanding, and waxing skills transfer to karate, Number Drummer students experience their own "Wow!" moment when the music they are performing is revealed as addition, multiplication, fractions, and algebra.

Beyond the math and music, Number Drummer has a simple yet powerful message... it tells us there are many ways to learn and that sometimes it requires a different way of doing things.  There is no "one and only" right way, so be ready to use your own strengths and trademark abilities.  Simply put, there are many ways to get somewhere, and through your journey you might even make your own.

Features & Benefits

In-Depth Learning Connections to State Standards

Interactive & Engaging

Created and Presented by an Experienced Musician and Educator

Cross Curricular


Series of Performances

Live & In-Person

Interactive Performances & Workshops

Virtual Groups or 1:1



Up to 400 participants perform simultaneously

Use math to learn an instrument

Use an instrument to learn math

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