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Do you know what numbers sound like?

The Math behind the music

Did you know that you can see, feel, hear, and play numbers?  Number Drummer is a patent pending system and method for learning and performing music through math and math through music. It is the ultimate rhythmic experience for all ages and abilities.




1 hour.  1 day.  1 week.

Workshops or an artist residency is a great way for students to receive an expanded experience within a classroom setting.  Whether it is 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week,  students experience deeper mathematical and musical connections, and are able to exercise creativity as they produce a "mathematical" rhythmic work of art.  Check out these amazing students and learn how you could experience a Number Drummer workshop or artist residency.


Number Drummer Live

NDL 1 & 2 Highlights

This 30 second clip highlights moments from Number Drummer Live 1: The Human Drum Set and Number Drummer Live 2: Breaking Beat.  Skip Counting, Repeated Addition, Multiplication, and Fractions... all layered and intertwined to create an amazing rhythmic performance. 

Coleridge Elementary of Randolph County Schools in North Carolina


Math and Music is all around us

"Hey mom, look what I can do with math!"  These students demonstrate real life, and how mathematical patterns surround us.  They also demonstrate how music can be created through everything.  Simply amazing.


Number Drummer Live

Grand Finale

In the 30 second clip, students demonstrate the final results of their training by performing multiplication, algebra, fractions, geometric patterns, and more.  Over 10 mathematical patterns are performed simultaneously by over 150 students ...WITH 100% ENGAGEMENT.


Play on red challenge

number drummer live activity

During the Number Drummer Live interactive sessions, the audience participates in "warm-up" training activities. It teaches them the skills needed to perform during the show. It also provides a preview of the math they will be performing. Everyone can be a Number Drummer. Try it!

Number Drummer Live

The Final Rehearsal

During a 50 minute performance, participants go through training, learning, practice, and performance phases of the Number Drummer Live experience.  This clip demonstrates the audience putting together what they have learned as they play a final rehearsal before ending the show with a final performance.

Number Drummer Live


Number Drummer 2015 Summer Road Trip - Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey

Number Drummer Live

The Process

During Number Drummer Live, participants are taken through several phases.  This 2 minute snapshot demonstrates the learning and practice phases of a performance.  After the participants have learned and practiced their parts, they are ready for a final rehearsal (see above clip) before their final performance.  This clip also shows the moment after the performance, when the mathematical connections are revealed.

Number Drummer Workshop


The Number Drummer Beat-Ball Workshop provides participants the opportunity to perform math skills such as addition, multiplication, division, and fractions in a creative way.

24 Seconds of Fractions

Number Drummer LIVE

Students simplify, compare, and create equivalent fractions... and then drum it!  Number Drummer Live is a fun, energizing, and action-packed math and music experience.

The Quick Demo

Rhythm is...

Troy quickly demonstrates how rhythm is a combination and pattern of numbers.  Now it's your turn...


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